Package Cross Reference

Diodes and Rectifiers can be divided into many different kinds of series based on size, outlines and functions. Generally, in semiconductor filed, we call them as packages. Here we would like to share the most popular WEET diodes and rectifiers packages with you.At the same time, you can easily cross to other competitors packages be below cross reference table, which will help you to choose the right products.

Note: Cross references are subject to change without further notice. For more details and updates, please visit our website. Thank you.

WEET Diodes Packages Competitor Packages Competitor Packages Competitor Packages Competitor Packages Competitor Packages Competitor Packages Competitor Packages Competitor Packages
DO-15 DO-204AC SC-39            
DO-34 MSD SOD68     MHD      
DO-35 SOD27 SC-40 A24 GSD DO-204AH      
DO-41 SOD66 DO-204AL     SC-47      
DO-27 DO-201AD              
R-1 R-1              
R-6 R-6              
DO-214AC SMA SOD-106            
DO-214AA SMB              
DO-214AB SMC              
LL-34 (MiniMELF) SOD80C LLDS 100H01 DO-213AA DL-35   SOD-80 1206
LL-41 (MELF) DO-213AB SOD106     LLDL      
LS-31 (MicroMELF) MicroMELF              
LS-34 (QuadroMELF) QuadroMELF              
SOD-123 PMDU DO-219AB SMF Mini2-F4-B SOD-123FL     SOD-87
SOD-323 SC-76 UMD2 USC I-IEIA URP SC-90A C-90 SMini2-F5-B
SOD-523 SC-79 EMD2 ESC I-IGIA UFP   SSMini2-F5-B SCD-80
SOD-723 VMD2 SSSMini2-F2     VSC      
DFN1006-2 SOD-882 SOD-923 SLP1006P2 TFSC VMN2 VML2 1-1L1A ULP-2
SOT-23 SC-59 SOT-346 MPAK SMT3 TO-236AB CPH3 Mini3-G3-B CP
SOT-323 SC-70 UMT3 SMini3-F2-B CMPAK USM      
SOT-523 ESM SOT-416 SC-90 EMT3 SC-75 SSMini3-F3-B SOT663 SC-89
SOT-723 VMT3 VSM 2-2l1B 1-1Q1A SSSMini3-F2-B     VMD3
DFN1006-3 SOT-923 SOT-883            
SOT-89 SC-62 TO-243   UPAK MPT3      
TO-251 IPAK SC-64     MP-3      
TO-252 DPAK SC-63 SOT-428 CPT3 MP-3Z      
TO-92 SC-43 SOT-54   TO-226AA TO-226      
TO-220 TO-220              
TO-277 POWERDI5              
SOT363 SOT-323-6 SC-88 MCPH6 SC-70(6-Leads) UMT/D6   WDFN6 US6
SOT26 SOT457 SC-74 TSOP-6 CPH6 SMD6 SOT-23-6 SSOT6 2-3T1A
TO220AC SOD59              
TO-220AB SOT78              
TO-126 MP-5 SOT-32