WEET Stock Offer for MB10F SS14 ES1J RS1M M7 S2M M7F SS24 ES2J A7 1N4148W ES5J 1N4002 SS510

Data: 2021-08-24
WEE Technology Company Limited
Manufacturer of Surface Mounted (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes and Rectifiers.
WEET Professional Manufacturer in China for Electronic Components

Good news to share with all of our customers, WEET keep large stock for diodes, rectifiers and transistors.

Fast delivery time and competitive price, superior quality. Free samples for testing.

PN Package MPQ QTY Kpcs PN Package MPQ QTY Kpcs
MB10F MBF 5K/R 195 F7 SOD-123FL 3K/R 246
SS14 SMA 5K/R 290 F1M SOD-123FL 3K/R 132
ES1J SMA 5K/R 545 2A7 SOD-123FL 3K/R 138
RS1M SMA 5K/R 385 K14 SOD-123FL 3K/R 126
ES1J SMA 5K/R 150 ES1D SMA 5K/R 670
M7 SMA 5K/R 490 1N4148W SOD-123 3K/R 735
S2M SMA 5K/R 100 S5G SMC 3K/R 108
SS24 SMA 2K/R 140 ES5J SMC 3K/R 108
ES2J SMA 5K/R 100 1SS181 SOT-23 3K/R 900
S2M SMA 5K/R 155 2SC1623 SOT-23 3K/R 2340
M4F SMAF 10K/R 2040 ES3J SMB 3K/R 120
M7F SMAF 10K/R 920 1N4002 A-405 5K/Box 137.5
RS1M SMAF 10K/R 120 ZMM LL-34 2.5K/R 100
A7 SOD-123FL 3K/R 2949 SS510 SMA 5K/R