WEE Technolgoy Single Phase 6.0 AMPS. Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers GBJ604 and KBJ604

Data: 2019-07-15
WEE Technology Company Limited

Manufacturer of Surface Mount (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes & Rectifiers

WEE Technology is strong at all kinds of bridge rectifiers,  below are two our of strong types, welcome your enquiry. We are ready to cost down for you.

Current WEET Bridge Rectifiers Type Number Package Packing MPQ
4A KBJ4005, KBJ401, KBJ402, KBJ404, KBJ406, KBJ408, KBJ410 KBJ4(3S) Bulk 0.3K
6A KBJ6005, KBJ601, KBJ602, KBJ604, KBJ606, KBJ608, KBJ610 KBJ4(3S) Bulk 0.3K
8A KBJ8005, KBJ801, KBJ802, KBJ804, KBJ806, KBJ808, KBJ810 KBJ4(3S) Bulk 0.3K
10A KBJ10005, KBJ1001, KBJ1002, KBJ1004, KBJ1006, KBJ1008, KBJ1010 KBJ4(3S) Bulk 0.3K
6A GBJ6005,GBJ601, GBJ602, GBJ604, GBJ606, GBJ608, GBJ610 KBJ6(5S) Bulk 0.3K
8A GBJ8005,GBJ801, GBJ802, GBJ804, GBJ806, GBJ808, GBJ810 KBJ6(5S) Bulk 0.3K
10A GBJ10005,GBJ1001, GBJ1002, GBJ1004, GBJ1006, GBJ1008, GBJ1010 KBJ6(5S) Bulk 0.3K
15A GBJ15005,GBJ1501, GBJ1502, GBJ1504, GBJ1506, GBJ1508, GBJ1510 KBJ6(5S) Bulk 0.3K
20A GBJ2005,GBJ2001, GBJ2002, GBJ12004, GBJ12006, GBJ2008, GBJ2010 KBJ6(5S) Bulk 0.3K