WEET Diodes and Bridge Rectifiers Cross Reference to PANJIT Taiwan Semiconductor GI MOTOROLA IR FUJI FAGOR LITE-ON

Data: 2023-05-18
WEE Technology Company Limited

Manufacturer of Surface Mounted (SMD) and Through Hole (DIP) Diodes and Rectifiers

We are glad to inform you that WEET Diodes and Bridge Rectifiers Cross Reference to PANJIT Taiwan Semiconductor GI MOTOROLA IR FUJI FAGOR LITE-ON
Fast lead time and stock offer. Hot items as below, thank you.

1A1 1N5821 BR66 FR251 HER202 MB151 R2000F 2KBP08M SF53 SM2100A SM5818A SR320
1A2 1N5822 BR68 FR252 HER203 MB1510 R2500 2KBP10M SF54 SM2100B SM5819 SR330
1A3 2W005 BR805 FR253 HER204 MB1510W R2500F KBL005 SF55 SM320A SM5819A SR340
1A4 2W01 BR81 FR254 HER205 MB151W RB151 KBL01 SF56 SM320B SMF101 SR350
1A5 2W02 BR810 FR255 HER206 MB152 RB152 KBL02 SF61 SM320C SMF101A SR360
1A6 2W04 BR82 FR256 HER207 MB152W RB153 KBL04 SF62 SM330A SMF102 SR380
1A7 2W06 BR84 FR257 HER208 MB154 RB154 KBL06 SF63 SM330B SMF102A SR3100
1N4001 2W08 BR86 FR301 HER3001 MB154W RB155 KBL08 SF64 SM330C SMF103 SR520
1N4001S 2W10 BR88 FR302 HER3002 MB156 RB156 KBL10 SF65 SM340A SMF103A SR530
1N4002 6A05 DB101 FR303 HER3003 MB156W RB157 KBU6A SF66 SM340B SMF104 SR540
1N4002S 6A1 DB101S FR304 HER3004 MB158 RL101F KBU6B SF81 SM340C SMF104A SR550
1N4003 6A10 DB102 FR305 HER3005 MB158W RL102F KBU6D SF82 SM350A SMF105 SR560
1N4003S 6A2 DB102S FR306 HER3006 MB2505 RL103F KBU6G SF83 SM350B SMF105A SR580
1N4004 6A4 DB103 FR307 HER301 MB2505W RL104F KBU6J SF84 SM350C SMF106 SR5100
1N4004S 6A6 DB103S FR601 HER302 MB251 RL105F KBU6K SF85 SM360A SMF106A SR820
1N4005 6A8 DB104 FR602 HER303 MB2510 RL106F KBU6M SF86 SM360B SMF107 SR830
1N4005S AR2505 DB104S FR603 HER304 MB2510W RL107F KBU8A SM120 SM360C SMF107A SR835
1N4006 AR251 DB105 FR604 HER305 MB251W RL151 KBU8B SM120A SM380A SR1020 SR840
1N4006S AR2510 DB105S FR605 HER306 MB252 RL152 KBU8D SM120B SM380B SR1030 SR845
1N4007 AR252 DB106 FR606 HER307 MB252W RL153 KBU8G SM130 SM380C SR1035 SR850
1N4007S AR254 DB106S FR607 HER308 MB254 RL154 KBU8J SM130A SM3100A SR1040 SR860
1N4933 AR256 DB107 FR801 HER501 MB254W RL155 KBU8K SM130B SM3100B SR1045 W005M
1N4934 AR258 DB107S FR802 HER502 MB256 RL156 KBU8M SM140 SM3100C SR1050 W01M
1N4935 AR3505 FR101 FR803 HER503 MB256W RL157 UG1A SM140A SM4001 SR1060 W02M
1N4936 AR351 FR102 FR804 HER504 MB258 RL201 UG1B SM140B SM4001A SR120 W04M
1N4937 AR3510 FR103 FR805 HER505 MB258W RL202 UG1C SM150 SM4002 SR130 W06M
1N4942 AR352 FR104 FR806 HER506 MB3505 RL203 UG1D SM150A SM4002A SR140 W08M
1N4944 AR354 FR105 HER101 HER507 MB3505W RL204 FEP16AT SM150B SM4003 SR150 W10M
1N4946 AR356 FR106 HER102 HER508 MB351 RL205 FEP16BT SM151A SM4003A SR160 SM140M
1N4947 AR358 FR107 HER103 HER601 MB3510 RL206 FEP16CT SM152A SM4004 SR1620 SF57
1N4948 BR1005 FR151 HER104 HER602 MB3510W RL207 FEP16DT SM153A SM4004A SR1630 ADD501
1N5391 BR101 FR152 HER105 HER603 MB351W RL251 FEP16FT SM154A SM4005 SR1635 SMU14A
1N5392 BR1010 FR153 HER106 HER604 MB352 RL252 FEP16GT SM155A SM4005A SR1640 SMU34C
1N5393 BR102 FR154 HER107 HER605 MB352W RL253 UG2A SM156A SM4006 SR1645 SMH106A
1N5395 BR104 FR155 HER108 HER606 MB354 RL254 UG2B SM157A SM4006A SR1650 SM340C
1N5397 BR106 FR156 HER151 HER801 MB354W RL255 UG2C SM160 SM4007 SR1660 SM360C
1N5398 BR108 FR157 HER152 HER802 MB356 RL256 UG30APT SM160A SM4007A SR220 S3J
1N5399 BR305 FR1601 HER153 HER803 MB356W RL257 UG30BPT SM160B SM4933 SR230 HER303G
1N5400 BR31 FR1602 HER154 HER804 MB358 RS101 UG30CPT SM220A SM4933A SR240 HER503G
1N5401 BR310 FR1603 HER155 HER805 MB358W RS102 SF304 SM220B SM4934 SR250 SF84
1N5402 BR32 FR1604 HER156 HER806 R1200 RS103 SF305 SM230A SM4934A SR260 SR540
1N5404 BR34 FR1605 HER157 J05 R1200F RS104 SF306 SM230B SM4935 SR280 SRF1020
1N5406 BR36 FR1606 HER158 J1 R1500 RS105 SF31 SM240A SM4935A SR2100 SRF1030
1N5407 BR38 FR201 HER1601 J10 R1500F RS106 SF32 SM240B SM4936 SR3020 SEF1035
1N5408 BR605 FR202 HER1602 J2 R1600 RS107 SF33 SM250A SM4936A SR3030 SRF1040
1N5817 BR61 FR203 HER1603 J4 R1600F 2KBP005M SF34 SM250B SM4937 SR3035 SRF1045
1N5818 BR610 FR204 HER1604 J6 R1800 2KBP01M SF35 SM260A SM4937A SR3040 SRF1050
1N5819 BR62 FR205 HER1605 J8 R1800F 2KBP02M SF36 SM260B SM5817 SR3045 SRF1060
1N5820 BR64 FR206 HER1606 MB1505 R2000 2KBP04M SF51 SM280A SM5817A SR3050
FR207 HER201 MB1505W 2KBP06M SF52 SM280B SM5818 SR3060
HER307G SMU21B SFF167CT GBU401 GBU802 MP252W SRF2530CT S5J SR1050CT BA158 HER103G SRF1080
HER308G SMU22B SF301CT GBU402 GBU803 MP254W SRF2535CT S5K SR1060CT BA159 HER104G SRF10100
SMH301C SMU23B SF302CT GBU403 GBU804 MP256W SRF3540CT S5M SR1080CT FR201G HER105G SRF10150
SMH302C SMU24B SF303CT GBU404 GBU805 MP258W SRF2545CT S3AB SR10100CT FR202G HER106G SRF10200
SMH303C SMU25B SF304CT GBU405 GBU806 MP2510W SRF2550CT S3BB SR10150CT FR203G HER107G SRF820
SMH304C SMU26B SF305CT GBU406 GBU807 MP3505 SRF2560CT S3DB SR10200CT FR204G HER108G SRF830
SMH305C SMU27B SF306CT GBU407 KBU801 MP351 SRF2580CT S3GB SR1680 FR205G HER101SG SRF835
SMH306C SF37 MD1S KBU401 KBU802 MP352 SRF25100CT S3JB SR16100 FR206G HER102SG SRF840
SMH307C SMU31C MD2S KBU402 KBU803 MP354 SRF25150CT S3KB SR2020CT FR207G HER103SG SRF845
1U1 SMU32C MD3S KBU403 KBU804 MP356 SRF25200CT S3MB SR2030CT SMF201B HER104SG SRF850
1U2 SMU33C MD4S KBU404 KBU805 MP358 SR3080CT SMU21A SR2040CT SMF202B HER105SG SRF860
1U3 SMU34C MD5S KBU405 KBU806 MP3510 SR30100CT SMU22A SR2050CT SMF203B HER106SG SRF880
1U4 SMU35C MD6S KBU406 KBU807 MP3505W SR30150CT SMU23A SR2060CT SMF204B HER107SG SRF8100
1U5 SMU36C MD7S KBU407 KBJ1001 MP351W SR30200CT SMU24A SR2080CT SMF205B HER108SG SRF8150
1U6 SMU37C DB151 GBL401 KBJ1002 MP352W SF67 SMU25A SR20100CT SMF206B SMH101A SRF8200
1U7 SF57 DB152 GBL402 KBJ1003 MP354W HER607 SMU26A BY133 SMF207B SMH102A SM4001A
SF11 SF87 DB153 GBL403 KBJ1004 MP356W HER608 SMU27A 1N5391G BY399 SMH103A SM4004A
SF12 SFF81 DB154 GBL404 KBJ1005 MP358W 10A05 KBU1001 1N5392G SMF301C SMH104A SMH106A
SF13 SFF82 DB155 GBL405 KBJ1006 MP3510W 10A1 KBU1002 1N5393G SMF302C SMH105A SM5819A
SF14 SFF83 DB156 GBL406 KBJ1007 1S20 10A2 KBU1003 1N5395G SMF303C SMH106A HER308
SF15 SFF84 DB157 GBL407 GBU1001 1S30 10A4 KBU1004 1N5397G SMF304C SMH107A SRF1060C
SF16 SFF85 DB151S KBJ601 GBU1002 1S40 10A6 KBU1005 1N5398G SMF305C HER151G FR103
SF17 SFF86 DB152S KBJ602 GBU1003 1S50 10A8 KBU1006 1N5399G SMF306C HER152G SR180
SF11S SFF87 DB153S KBJ603 GBU1004 1S60 10A10 KBU1007 S2A SMF307C HER153G SR1100
SF12S SF101CT DB154S KBJ604 GBU1005 1S80 1A1G KBPC1001 S2B 1H1 HER154G SM180A
SF13S SF102CT DB155S KBJ605 GBU1006 1S90 1A2G KBPC1002 S2D 1H2 HER155G SM180B
SF14S SF103CT DB156S KBJ606 GBU1007 1S100 1A3G KBPC1003 S2G 1H3 HER156G SM1100A
SF15S SF104CT DB157S KBJ607 MP1505 SRF2020CT 1A4G KBPC1004 S2J 1H4 HER157G SM1100B
SF16S SF105CT RS201M GBU601 MP151 SRF2030CT 1A5G KBPC1005 S2K 1H5 HER158G SR880
SF17S SF106CT RS202M GBU602 MP152 SRF2035CT 1A6G KBPC1006 S2M 1H6 HER201G SR8100
SMU11A SF107CT RS203M GBU603 MP154 SRF2040CT 1A7G KBPC1007 BY251 1H7 HER202G SR8150
SMU12A SFF101CT RS204M GBU604 MP156 SRF2045CT 1N4001SG KBL1001 BY252 1H8 HER203G SR8200
SMU13A SFF102CT RS205M GBU605 MP158 SRF2050CT 1N4002SG KBL1002 BY253 HER101S HER204G SM520C
SMU14A SFF103CT RS206M GBU606 MP1510 SRF2060CT 1N4003SG KBL1003 BY254 HER102S HER205G SM530C
SMU15A SFF104CT RS207M GBU607 MP1505W SRF2080CT 1N4004SG KBL1004 BY255 HER103S HER206G SM540C
SMU16A SFF105CT RS401L KBU601 MP151W SRF20100 1N4005SG KBL005 S3A HER104S HER207G SM550C
SMU17A SFF106CT RS402L KBU602 MP152W SRF20150CT 1N4006SG KBL1006 S3B HER105S HER208G SM560C
SMU11B SFF107CT RS403L KBU603 MP154W SRF20200CT 1N4007SG KBL1007 S3D HER106S SMH201B SM580C
SMU12B SF161CT RS404L KBU604 MP156W SR2520CT 6A05G KBPCW1001 S3G HER107S SMH202B SM5100C
SMU13B SF162CT RS405L KBU605 MP158W SR2530CT 6A1G KBPCW1002 S3J HER108S SMH203B SR1080
SMU14B SF163CT RS406L KBU606 MP1510W SR2535CT 6A2G KBPCW1003 S3K 1H1G SMH204B SR10100
SMU15B SF164CT RS407L KBU607 MP2505 SR3540CT 6A4G KBPCW1004 S3M 1H2G SMH205B SR10150
SMU16B SF165CT KBJ401 KBJ801 MP251 SR2545CT 6A6G KBPCW1005 1F1 1H3G SMH206B SR10200
SF21 SF166CT KBJ402 KBJ802 MP252 SR2550CT 6A8G KBPCW1006 1F2 1H4G SMH207B SR1020CT
SF22 SF167CT KBJ403 KBJ803 MP254 SR2560CT 6A10G KBPCW1007 1F3 1H5G HER301G SR1030CT
SF23 SFF161CT KBJ404 KBJ804 MP256 SR2580CT S5A KBPCW1501 1F4 1H6G HER302G SR1035CT
SF24 SFF162CT KBJ405 KBJ805 MP258 SR25100CT S5B KBPCW1502 1F5 1H7G HER303G SR1040CT
SF25 SFF163CT KBJ406 KBJ806 MP2510 SR25150CT S5D KBPCW1503 1F6 1H8G HER304G SR1045CT
SF26 SFF164CT KBJ407 KBJ807 MP2505W SR25200CT S5G KBPCW1504 1F7 HER101G HER305G
SF27 SFF165CT RS404L GBU801 MP251W SRF2520CT KBPCW1505 BA157 HER102G HER306G