WEET Shares Technology Frontier-GaN Semiconductor-Key Material for 5G Application

Data: 2020-05-27

WEE Technology Company Limited
Manufacturer of Surface Mounted (SMD) and Throught Hole (DIP) Diodes and Rectifiers.

2019 is a year of rapid changes, the economy is under downward pressure, and trade war conflicts have intensified, and many industries have entered a recession cycle. However, semiconductor industry 2019 is a year of rapid changes. The recession cycle has entered, but the semiconductor industry continues to move forward on the opportunity of domestic substitution and industrial renewal. For compound semiconductors, whether it is gallium nitride for radio frequency or silicon carbide for power electronics, there has been considerable development.

The 5G communication business is entering a period of rapid expansion, and the corresponding GaN chips and power chips continue to grow. Gallium nitride technology has basically determined its technical route and application in the field of radio frequency, that is, growing gallium nitride epitaxy on silicon carbide high-purity insulating substrates, and making chips on it for communication applications such as high-frequency power amplifiers.

With the development of 5G communications and the Internet of Things, the demand in this field will be increasing. It is worth noting that the application of GaN technology in power supplies. The cost and performance of gallium nitride power devices grown on silicon substrates have been much better than similar silicon devices. Although its long-term reliability still needs to be verified, for consumer-grade applications such as mobile phone fast charging, GaN is expected to be fully introduced and applied.

Silicon carbide is a very promising material, especially in power devices and power applications. It is currently receiving great attention. With the delivery of the first batch of domestic Tesla electric vehicles by the end of 2019, silicon carbide power devices related fields have been fully replaced. The trend of silicon-based IGBTs is becoming more and more obvious. Especially the high efficiency, low weight, small volume, and ease of use in heat dissipation and parallel connection brought by silicon carbide are crucial to the overall design of new energy vehicles.

The rapid development of industries such as automotive electronics, 5G technology, new energy vehicles, and rail transportation has increased the demand for high-temperature, high-power, high-voltage, and high-frequency devices in electronic technology, so the third generation of semiconductors came into being. The third generation semiconductors mainly include silicon carbide (SiC), aluminum nitride (AlN), gallium nitride (GaN), diamond, and zinc oxide (ZnO). Among them, the more mature ones are SiC and GaN.