WEET Respective Functions of Strong Diodes and Different Types of WEET Diodes Rectifiers

Data: 2022-11-25
WEE Technology Company Limited

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1、 Different Types of WEET diodes:
There are many kinds of diodes, which can be divided into germanium diode (Ge tube) and silicon diode (Si tube) according to the semiconductor materials used. It can be divided into detector diode, rectifier diode, voltage stabilizing diode, switching diode, isolating diode, schottky diode, light emitting diode, silicon power switching diode, rotary diode, etc. According to the tube core structure, it can be divided into point contact diode, surface contact diode and planar diode.
2、 Respective functions of WEET strong diodes:
A. The structure of rectifier diode is mainly plane contact type, which is characterized by large allowable current, high reverse breakdown voltage, but large PN junction capacitance, and is generally widely used in circuits with low processing frequency. For example, rectifier circuit, embedded circuit, protection circuit, etc. The main consideration of rectifier diode in use is that the maximum rectifier current and maximum reverse working voltage should be greater than the value in actual work.
B. Fast diode is mainly used in high-frequency rectifier circuit, high-frequency switching power supply, high-frequency resistance capacitance absorption circuit, inverter circuit, etc. Its reverse recovery time can reach 10ns. Fast diode mainly includes fast recovery diode and Schottky diode.
C. Fast recovery diode (FRD for short) is a semiconductor diode with good switching characteristics and short reverse recovery time. It is mainly used in switching power supply, PWM pulse width modulator, frequency converter and other electronic circuits as high-frequency rectifier diode, freewheeling diode or damping diode. At present, fast recovery diodes are mainly used as rectifier components in inverter power supply, amplitude limiting and embedding in high-frequency circuit.
D, Schottky diode, also known as Schottky barrier diode (SBD for short), is a diode based on the potential barrier layer formed by the contact between metal and semiconductor. Its main characteristics are small forward conduction voltage drop (about 0.45V), short reverse recovery time and small switching loss. It is a low power consumption, ultra-high speed semiconductor device, widely used in switching power supply, frequency converter, driver and other circuits, as high-frequency, low-voltage Large current rectifier diode, continuous current diode and protection diode are used, or they are used as rectifier diode and small signal detector diode in microwave communication circuits.
E. The main purpose of voltage stabilizing tube (Silicon Planar Zener Diodes) is to stabilize voltage. Under the condition of low accuracy and small current variation range, the voltage regulator tube closest to the required voltage regulator value can be selected to be directly connected in parallel with the load. It is generally used as the reference power supply in the voltage stabilizing and current stabilizing power supply system, and also used as the DC level shift in the integrated operational amplifier. Its disadvantages are high noise figure and poor stability.