WEET Tells You What is the Difference Between Bridge Stack and Bridge Rectifier

Data: 2022-10-31
WEE Technology Company Limited
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Bridge is a kind of electronic component, which refers to the rectifier components assembled by bridge connection. Of course, the bridge stack is not the same. The bridge stack consisting of two rectifier diodes is called half bridge, and the bridge stack consisting of four rectifier diodes is called full bridge. So, is bridge stack a rectifier bridge? What is the difference between bridge stack and rectifier bridge? Let's have a look!

1、 Is the bridge stack a rectifier bridge?
There is basically no difference between bridge stack and rectifier bridge.
Bridge stack: It is internally composed of multiple diodes. The main function is to rectify and adjust the current direction. It is better to use bridge stack for rectification. First of all, it is very convenient, and the four tubes inside it are usually paired, so their performance is relatively close. In addition, when rectifying with high power, heat dissipation blocks can be installed on the bridge stack, so that the performance is more stable during operation. Of course, different bridge stacks should be selected for different use occasions, not just to see whether the withstand voltage is enough, such as high-frequency characteristics.
Rectifier bridge: the rectifier tube is sealed in a shell, including full bridge and half bridge. The full bridge is to seal the four diodes of the bridge rectifier circuit together. Half bridge is to seal half of two diode bridge rectifiers together. Two half bridges can be used to form a bridge rectifier circuit, and one half bridge can also form a full wave rectifier circuit with central tap of transformer. Rectifier circuit and working voltage shall be considered when selecting rectifier bridge.

2、 What is the difference between bridge stack and rectifier bridge?

Rectifier bridge refers to more circuits built by diodes, while bridge stack integrates four diodes and is used directly as a rectifier bridge. The full name of rectifier bridge and bridge stack is rectifier bridge stack. Some people call them rectifier bridge or bridge stack.