Small Signal Transistors

Small Signal Transistors are transistors that are used to amplify low-level signals but can also can be used as a switch. Typical hFE values for small signal transistors range from 10 to 500, with maximum Ic ratings from about 80 to 600mA. They come in NPN and PNP forms. Maximum operating frequencies range from about 1 to 300 MHz.
Based on different applications, there are quite a lot types of Transistors, such as Bipolar Junction Transistors, Field Effect Transistors, Small Signal Transistors, Small Switching Transistors, Power Transistors, High Frequency Transistors, Photo transistors and Unijunction Transistors. WEET is specialized in manufacturing Small Signal Transistors also called as Bipolar Junction Transistors
Bipolar Junction Transistors are transistors which are made up of 3 regions, the base, the collector, and the emitter. Bipolar Junction transistors, unlike FET transistors, are current-controlled devices. A small current entering in the base region of the transistor causes a much larger current flow from the emitter to the collector region.
Bipolar junction transistors come in two main types, NPN and PNP. A NPN transistor is one in which the majority current carrier are electrons. Electron flowing from the emitter to the collector forms the base of the majority of current flow through the transistor. The other type of charge, holes, are a minority. PNP transistors are the opposite. In PNP transistors, the majority current carrier are holes.

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