Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers

Ultra-Fast recovery rectifiers are designed in order to have very low forward voltage with an Ultra-Fast reverse recovery time as low as 50nS. It makes Ultra-Fast rectifier diodes very efficient for secondary output rectifications in high frequency switched mode power supplies. Ultra-Fast recovery rectifiers not only can directly reduce switching loss ,but also improve overall power efficiency because of a good combination between reverse recovery time and forward voltage.

They have some features, including high reverse voltage surge capability, high thermal cycling performance, low thermal resistance , very low on-state loss and soft recovery features. Also, Ultra-Fast recovery rectifiers are ideal to use in switching mode power supplies and high frequency circuits in general, where both low conduction losses and high switching efficiency are required. Please refer to below WEET product list of Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers

Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers Products List and Download PDF Datasheet